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February 06, 2021

Street poetry in Berlin

"Die Erinnerung an deiner Duft bewegt mich, immer noch"
"The memory of your scent still moves me"

Berlin is a sweet and dark electronic song that challenges you into a dance of finding the rhythm that your heart beats better at. The lyrics of its song are on a poetic language that is a complex riddle.

It’s not always in an easy tempo, it faces you with wonderful possibilities to be found that come accompanied with battles of loneliness and darkness to be conquered.

Its spirit is rooted on duality, its present is still shaped by a conflicted past now that shares with many immigrants who are also trying to create a new future.

The streets of Berlin feel like a wegbier on your hand (a beer for the way), they smell like hand-rolled cigarettes and sound like a harmonious cacophony of many languages and accents.

Landwehr Canal in the Berlin winter

But above all, it's a city of hope. It's that hope that comes in when the bass in a perfect

There are some places in the world where the romanticized ideal of second chances is an actual second order consequence of what moving to a place that is both gritty and beautiful asks from you.

It's very possible that you will find the best of you on the other side.

Berlin is my home, it’s also the geographical home where I found my human home.

Local DJ Bebetta, on a bus in Berlin

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