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Alex Villa

About this blog

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Hello you, this is Alejandra. You can call me Alex👋

This is the blog of a queer Latinx immigrant, living in Berlin. I am also a tech worker, but I care more about its people than its implementation details. After dedicating my professional life to building websites and web apps, I believe the real power of tech lies on enabling justice and connection, particularly for those who are less privileged.

I have strong opinions about how your job should not define you, so I really like people with personalities and thoughts away from the keyboard.

This blog contains, for the most part, a range of personal rants on a variety of subjects I encounter on my everyday life and care about: personal takes on the Berlin culture, diversity and inclusion rants, politic and many cheesy depictions of music as a spiritual tool.

If any perspective here makes you feel something, and you want to share your thoughts, please feel free to reach out.

My Twitter DMs are open.

Hobbyist street photography is another tiny kink of mine. I post stuff on Instagram

I hope these rants get to someone out there.

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