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Alex Villa

How To Find a Mirror

April 05, 2021


My favorite thing about life is being able to connect to another person.

Human connection is the ultimate source of purpose fulfillments while we are alive.

Colin Firth's character in a Single Man, a beautiful film by Tom Ford, said it better in one of my all-time favorite movie quotes:

"You know, the only thing that's made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times when I've been able to really, truly connect with another human being."

The decisions we make in life regarding who we surround ourselves with plays a really crucial part on who our future selves ultimately becomes.

Those closest to us have a mirroring effect on our identities.

Then foolishly easy it is to find ourselves feeling unworthy of the most wonderful humans that choose to stay around to make our lives richer and better.

Or is it just me?

Sometimes, when I look at Sara, making coffee, designing 3D models or heads down solving yet another code problem, something happens.

A rhetorical, yet puzzling set of questions comes to my mind: "how did I get this lucky? What is it that I can do to make your heart feel as safe, loved and accepted as you make me feel? Am I a good mirror for you?"

Am I? I surely hope so.

These questions fade away and I just continue looking at her, while she is exploring her own creativity, opening up the best of her heart to others, always ready to help anyone who asks her for something. How can someone not smile when witnessing this?

What a beautiful mirror life put on my way.

I truly believe that we are all little universes learning from each other.

We are all nothing but a bunch of matter and energy with consciousness, looking to find someone to give the best of ourselves to. Sometimes a friend or relative. Often our partners. In the end, this love does find its way back to you.

For my beloved Sara, thank you for being the most wonderful mirror, shelter and connection I could have ever hoped for.

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