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June 26, 2020

Digitalism, playing Berlin on February 22th 2020

So it's 2020, and the casual idea of attending a concert had never feel like such a thing of the past. And that only contributes more to the crisis of meaning humanity is going through. Bear with me.

I know this sounds like hippie BS, but there's something highly spiritual about the oneness that you can experiment in music festivals and raves, when you are surrounded with people in the same wavelength as you are.

Nowadays, when I'm watching live music festivals videos on YouTube, I've realized that it's not the musicians I'm deeply focused on anymore, but the crowd, and their beautiful happy faces, the way they're completely surrounded by a halo of bliss and connection. To others through the music and to themselves through others, and to the music through themselves.

It's not really easy to write about music, it is a highly personal experience. Through many years of attending concerts, not understanding what is it that was drawing me in, it was when I was able to let myself go completely, attending alone and anonymous, that I realized the religious-like and healing nature of that connection.

I started attending live music shows barely 10 years ago (it was a Muse show in Mexico City that opened the doors of mayhem and connection to me). I was dating someone who was in such a different wavelength, that she only survived by taking her Play Station Portable and hating on everything - really, every band had a derogatory nickname, everything was something to laugh of - she thought that by hating on something I loved so much, I'd end up giving it up.

For many other reasons, we eventually broke up, but it took years of craving finding myself through that glimpse of bliss and connection live music made me feel.

Eventually, after learning how to enjoy music through the company of like-minded friends, the next frontier became learning to go on my own. And oh my, that became beautifully addictive.

How can something addictive be beautiful? Because it plays a part in our personal search for meaning, connection and kindness. It won't be everybody's path to inner peace, but it surely became one of the most important ones to me.

Now, looking at those videos, seeing those smiling faces in the crowd (some high as fuck, but when are we gonna stop the self-exploration shaming?)

There are a bunch of people out there missing concerts, my people, we're all one but we surely know how to find each other.

Now I look at those videos and find pieces of myself and my journey. It truly is a form of self-exploration, and the lack of those doors have forced me to find ways to explore that connection.

But for now, for tonight. I miss the smiling faces in the crowd. I miss the friends I shared pure happiness with, I miss being surrounded by people in bliss finding their paths and their kindness.

Humanity deserves a break.

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